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Student Handbook

General Regulations:
Clothing and accessories, as per Department of Education regulations, must not be disruptive to teaching and learning.
The following list includes items that are prohibited, but not limited to:
•No hats, headbands, bandanas, hoods (from hoodies), sunglasses or do-rags are to be worn within the school building.
•No combs, hair picks.
•No tank tops (“spaghetti-straps”).
•No low-cut blouses, tube/halter tops, midriff tops.
•No short-shorts, mini-skirts. All shorts/skirts must be at relaxed hand level.
•No sagging pants. All pants attire must be at waist level.
•No clothing/accessories with metal spikes, or wallets with chains.
•No visible undergarments.
•No clothing with inappropriate/offensive logos, images or wording.
•For safety reasons, students may not wear flip flops, slides, slippers or any other footwear that may be hazardous in a large group atmosphere.
•No visible earbuds, headphones.
•No cellphones or media electronic devices of any kind (out and/or visible)