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Arista & Elite Society

Arista Requirements

Eight hours of community service

90% average in all classes for the third marking period

All E’s and S’s in conduct

Elite Society Requirements

Five hours of community service

All E’s and S’s in conduct

Ten merits

Community Service Suggestions

  • Helping teachers 
  • Student government
  • Volunteering at the Wildcat Warehouse (school store)


*With a parent/guardian’s permission:

  • Tutoring a classmate, friend, or relative
  • Volunteering for a community event
  • Volunteering at a local organization
  • Participating in walks for a cause

Merits and Community Service Update

All forms are due by Wednesday, April 27th

Please remember to check the Arista/Elite Classroom.

We look forward to inducting all our Arista and Elite Members in May!

Ms. Izzo, Ms. Brancato, and Ms. Reilly

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Brancato, Ms. Izzo, or Mrs. Reilly.


If you did not already join the Elite/Arista Google Classroom, join with the code: euf2nie


Check the classroom for updates.