Letter to Parents

Dear Parents/Guardians,


I am writing to ask you for your cooperation with regard to remote teaching and learning. Since the concept of learning through technology is in our profession to stay, it is important that we all remember that etiquette and appropriateness while learning online is important.


When your children are learning remotely, the teacher’s role is to create a virtual classroom. Although we understand that parents and family members at times may be in the background to supervise and support young children, you cannot participate in any way during the lessons.  During instructional time, students must ask questions in the manner established by the teacher. Thus, you cannot ask questions on behalf of your children or interrupt instruction in any way, including commenting in the chat, during live instruction.


Communication and trust between teachers and parents is at the heart of what makes this school the success that it is. Just as you trust us to care for and educate the children in person, we expect you to have that same level of trust while teachers are conducting their lessons remotely. Thus, please do not interfere with the instructional process as students engage with their teacher. We appreciate your support and assistance in ensuring appropriate use of our technology by you, our students, and our staff while participating in remote education.


We have established specific designated times for parents to ask teachers questions during “Office Hours” from 1:45PM until 2:05 PM. Teachers are available during weekly “office hours”, formerly called parent engagement time, to address parent questions and or concerns.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Adrienne Stallone

Adrienne Stallone