Summer Reading 2020 » Reading List and Graphic Organizers

Reading List and Graphic Organizers

The following assignment requires you to read, list the title and author of the books read, along with listing the Lexile Level of the book and your current Lexile Level. It is our expectation that you read books at your current Lexile level.
You must also complete the graphic organizers as your pre-writing activities. On a separate google doc, you will write your objective summary for each book. Please be sure to follow the requirements as directed by the attached rubric. These reading assignments will be graded as your first portfolio pieces in September 2020 and be part of the first marking period grade for E.L.A. Come September, you will be directed to upload these documents to your new Google ELA classroom. 
You will be utilizing the New York Public Library (NYPL.org) to access books. You will need to have a library card, which you can request online.
You go to NYPL.org and
1. Click on the tab Get a Library Card.
2. Click on SimplyE app (there are additional instructions for android or iOs)
for installation
3. Once downloaded, you have an open-source to available EBooks and can
search by topic, genre, interests, etc.
4. Look at the videos below for Androids and iOs

Here is a suggested reading list from the NYPL this summer: (but you may also choose any appropriate book on their Lexile level)

  • How They Choked: Failures, Flops, and Flaws of the Awfully Famous   
    Georgia Bragg | E-Audiobook

  •  Sea Sirens: A Trot & Cap'n Bill Adventure
    Amy Chu | E-Book

  •  The Prince and The Dressmaker
    Jen Wang | E-Book

  •  Sandwiches! More Than You've Ever Wanted To Know About Making and Eating America's Favorite Food

       Alison Deering | E-Book

  •  Tight

       Torrey Maldonado | E-Book | E-Audiobook

  • Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods: 20 Chilling Tales from the Wilderness
    Hal Johnson | E-Book