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Mrs. Hicks- 6th Grade ELA Class

Welcome to the ELA page for classess 614 and 624.  
We will be using this page for HW reminders, project reminders and class news.
Feel free to always contact me via email if you have additional questions/concerns.  
**December's Independent Reading Project is due this Friday, December 14th.**
Attached below is the project for your convenience.  
Homework 12/10 to 12/14:
Monday- Read and Log (20 minute minimum)
Tuesday- Reading Comprehension Worksheet "Excerpt from The Woolly-Puff Rescue" by Sue Mozena
Wednesday- Read and Log (20 minute minimum) 
Thursday- Reading Comprehension Worksheet " Mrs. Majeska and the Lost Gloves" by Ethel Pochocki 
Friday- Read and Log (20 minute minimum)